Stagii pe Bune in 2021

Students apply to the internships presented on website

    Period: March 7 - April 30

  • Students can continuously apply to internships from the moment when the internship offers appear on the website.

  • Companies start recruitment activities.

Companies are recruiting their trainees

    Period: March 18 - May 20

  • The recruitment can be made as the students apply for internships.

The final results are centralized

    Period: May 20 - June 3

  • The recruitment period ends.

  • Companies announce the faculty on the selected students. An internship contract will be completed for each student, which will be brought to the faculty secretariat in 3 copies.

  • Obsevation: For each student in First or Second Year in BsC, or First Year in MsC, an internship contract (provided by the faculty) will be signed. Those who are finishing their studies in 2021 (Third Year in BsC, or Second Year in MsC), can sign internship contracts just until the moment in which they finish their studies (~28th of June 2021), because, until that moment, they are students.

More information on signing contracts can be found here.

Internships' period

    Period: June 20 - October 1

  • Trainees are performing the internships where they were admitted within companies.

  • The recommended period of the internship is 3 months.

  • Program's evaluation

      Period: October 1 - November 1

    • After the internships are finished, "Stagii pe Bune" team members participate in discussions with the representatives of the companies to evaluate the effects of the program.